Break, Survive, Rebuild, Become
Founded in July 2023, BROKENCIGS is a New York based indie game studio. 
Through the games we create, we wish to establish in-depth discussions with our audience on intriguing topics that inspired us and shaped us to become the individuals we are today.
Cindy Fan
Game Designer / UI Designer / Developer
Exploring and creating a variety of games for 6 years, Cindy finds her passion in expressing daily life's essences through games with a humorous and metaphorical approach. Her background of UI design and data visualization also assists creating better user experience in games.
Hayley Lin
3D Generalist
Hayley is a creative 3D crafter. Love something weird, something with its own style.
Jacob Zhai
3D Artist / Environmental Artist
Jacob is a persistent and creative 3D artist who has a proven ability to design, paint, and model 3D game assets. Adept at making game art from a sculptural perspective, Jacob has extensive experience of using both traditional and digital sculpting materials along with modeling tools to shape the spatial aesthetics of the game.
Luke Li
Game Designer / Developer / Writer
Making games on things that we spend our life trying to comprehend, Luke has spent over 6 years delivering intriguing concepts and stories through games while challenging himself with new ways of communication with players.
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